Please find herunder frequently asked questions related to the Occiflex.

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  • Can the Occiflex do manipulations? Open or Close

    No, the Occiflex performs midrange mobilizations, no manipulations.

    It does not impose high trust or high velocity at the end of the range of motion.

    Instead it is a system that can perform the perfect midrange mobilisation, very consistent and very subtle.

  • Does the Occiflex help in preventing surgery? Open or Close

    Yes it does. The Occiflex can mobilise a cervical limited range of motion by means of a neurological influence.

    This can help in resotring normal life without an surgical intervention.

  • Can the Occiflex help in shoulder pain? Open or Close

    Yes it can. Many shoulder pain related disorders actually come from the neck.

    Mobilizing the neck (the prime function of the Occiflex) therefor can relief pain in the shoulder as well.

  • Can the Occiflex relief complaints with migraine? Open or Close

    Migraine is a primary headache.

    The Occiflex treatment does not address the etiology of the migraine itself.

    Many migraine patients however develop serious chronic neck pain as a result of their migraine.

    The Occiflex does work very well for those disabilities.

    Indirectly it therefor also contributed to a better quality of life for the patient, but is does not directly attack the migraine itself.

  • Is there scientific support for using the Occiflex? Open or Close

    Yes, as well directly related to the use of the Occiflex as well as indirect related to mobilization therapy in general.

    In the published articles with the Occiflex there are as well monoaxial as well as for multiaxial movements described.

    These articles are published by Dr Y. River in the Clinical Journal of Pain, Journal of Pain & Relief and in Pain Medicine.

    Pleas go to our literature section to obtain them.

  • What is the theory behind the Occiflex? Open or Close

    The Occiflex is based on slow passive midrange mobilization.

    The Occidflex was develloped by pain management specialists.

    The idea for comes from influencing pain perception (especially desenzisation) and by improving cervical range of motion by means of using the combined movement theory.

  • What are the indications for using the Occiflex? Open or Close

    The Occiflex offers a comfortable and effective therapy modality for:

    • Neck pain reduction (including post-whiplash, mechanical, idiopathic, cervicogenic)
    • Increased range of motion
    • Reduced disability, improved posture and muscle function
  • What are the contra-indications for using the Occiflex? Open or Close

    The contra-indications for the Occiflex are the same as the contra-indications for cervical mobilizations in general.

    When any movement of the cervical area can jeopardizing the patients well being the Occfilex should not be used.

    Note however - since the Occiflex applies very gentle midrange movements it can be used for pain relief where the motion should be restricted.

    This indicates that in conditions such as a herniated disk is a relative contra indication.

    For the full list of contra-indications please click here.

  • Can children be treated with the Occiflex? Open or Close

    The limitation in using the Occiflex is the height of the patient.

    In order to properly support the head and mobilize the neck, the patient should be supported in the cradle.

    When the child is to small it might not fit.

    Children below 1.50m are therefore considered inappropriate to use Occiflex therapy.

    From the therapeutical point of view is no minimal age - it works both for adults as well as for children.

  • Do I need extra schooling to use the Occiflex? Open or Close

    Any professional knowing about the cervical spine and neck and headache related disorders can use the Occiflex.

    You do not need to know about mobilization techniques.

    Included in the purchase of an Occiflex is an inservice training.

    In that training you will learn all about the why and how with the Occiflex and you will practically experience how to perform the best techniques with the Occiflex.

  • Can the Occiflex do traction Open or Close

    Yes it can, but the Occiflex was not designed for traction, it was designed for mobilization.

    In case your mobilization movement is directed proximal you initiate a traction movement.


    However, one of the safety arguments of the Occiflex is that the patient can take his head out of the cradle at all times.

    The patient is in controll, not the Occiflex (and that is why we allways give him/her the stop button).

    This re-assures your patient and will result in better relaxation and thus a better treatment.

    This argument vanishes of course once you start fixating your patient's head wich might be necessary if you do traction.


    For proper cervical traction Enraf-Nonius recommends the Eltrac unit, most preferentially with the cervical traction device.

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